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Ed has the leadership qualities, executive business experience, and academic credentials to lead La Mirada into the 21st century. He has saved Los Angeles County millions of dollars with his innovative approaches to criminal justice, strategic planning, and economic development,” Robert Philibosian, Attorney and former Los Angeles County District Attorney.


“Ed is a talented business executive and innovator. Under his leadership, the Los Angeles Times grew steadily to become the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country,” Lori Deregt, Marketing Executive and former Director of Finance at the Los Angeles Times.


“Ed is an innovator and thought leader. His soon-to-be published study on innovation is a breakthrough in management practices,” Dr. James DellaNeve, Business Executive, Fortune 50 company and Professor.



Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, 4th District

Katherine Barger, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, 5th District

Steve DeRuse, Mayor, La Mirada

John Lewis, Mayor Pro Tem, La Mirada

Larry Mowles, Councilmember and former Mayor, La Mirada

Hal Malkin, former Councilmember and Mayor, La Mirada


Association for Los Angeles County Sheriffs (ALADS), 7,800 active/retired deputies

Los Angeles County Fire 1014 Union, 3,200 Firefighters, paramedic,s dispatchers, and pilots.

Los Angeles County District Attorney, Steve Cooley (retired)

Los Angeles County District Attorney, Robert Philibosian (retired)

Los Angeles Police Department Commander, Jeri Weinstein (retired)

Chief of Campus Safety, Biola University, John Ojeisekhoba


Ana Valencia, President, NLMUSD Board

Darryl Adams, Member, NLMUSD Board

Karen Morrison, Member, NLMUSD Board

Jorge Tirado, Member, NLMUSD Board

Jesse Urquidi, Member, NLMUSD Board

Zurich Lewis, Board of Trustees, Cerritos College


David Morfin, Chair, Public Safety

Narcis Brasov, Vice Chair, Public Safety

Desiree Johnson, Commissioner, Public Safety

Mark Madison, Commissioner, Public Safety

David Harbaugh, Commissioner, Public Safety (former)

Jim Reich, Commissioner, Public Safety (former)

Mike Saenz, Chair, Planning

Rick Cline, Commissioner, Planning

Lee Olsen, Commissioner, Planning

Steve Soto, Commissioner, Planning (former)

Misty Cota, Chair, Community Services

Rebecca Cline, Commissioner, Community Services

Steve Lee, Commissioner, Community Services

Peggy Roman, Chair, Senior Council

Tom Rosholt, Member, Senior Council

Aracely Ruiz, Member, Senior Council

Larry Torres, Member, Senior Council

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